Cheney, Kansas

New Aquatic Center

Welcome to the project page for Cheney's new Aquatic Center. Here you will find information about the aquatic center project, including ways to get involved and to submit feedback.

Page Last Updated: July 19, 2021

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Project Background

The goal of the study is to understand the conditions of the existing pool and develop options to improve and enhance the swimming pool in the future.

The current Cheney swimming pool was built in 1958, and consists of a main pool and separate wading pool. The pool structure, piping, and deck is old. A pool liner was added 13 years ago in 2008 due to the pool structure delaminating, and the liner is at the end of it's useful life. The pool offers an outdated style, and lacks shallow water and modern features. The bathhouse is also old, and there is one area showing movement in the foundation/walls. The building lacks floor drainage, has old lighting and plumbing fixtures, and lacks ADA accessibility. 

Main Pool: Offers 3,280 s.f. of water surface, and is 3 - 11 feet deep The main pool includes the following features: 5, 25-meter lap lanes, waterslide, two (2), 1-meter diving boards, and a basketball goal.

Wading Pool: Offers 450 s.f. of water surface and shade.

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New Aquatic Center Concept

The proposed concept is shown in the image below.

Goals for the New Aquatic Center

Offer a new outdoor aquatic center that is updated with features and amenities that serve a variety of users and abilities, with flexible spaces and varying depths. Serving the residents of Cheney and offering a new amenity to the community is important, along with offering sprays and play features that are fun for children and accommodating swim team practice and meets.

Additionally, the splash pad is situated so that it could be used outside of pool hours and is in close proximity to the existing park shelter. 

New Aquatic Center Concept: 

The concept includes an all new 6,087 s.f. pool and renovated bathhouse on the site of existing Cheney Swimming Pool. 

Features include: 

  • Depths: 0' - 12'
  • Zero-depth entry
  • In-water bench and shade
  • Wet bubble (combination of a climbing wall and in-water waterslide)
  • Basketball goal
  • 6, 25-yard lap lanes
  • Family slide
  • Keep the existing waterslide
  • 2, 1-meter diving boards
  • Deck seating

Anticipated Project Cost: Approx. $2.7 Million

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Provide your Feedback

The online survey has closed. Opportunities for public input will be posted here as they are available.


Here is a list of our frequently asked questions

The Cheney City Council identified a need to fix or update the existing swimming pool and contracted with Waters Edge Aquatic Design to design a concept plan of a new aquatic facility. A local 12-member committee, representing various community stakeholders, was formed in November 2020 to work with Waters Edge. Public input from the Cheney community, including survey results, were utilized while creating the concept plan. The committee has been instrumental in bringing forth and discussing additional ideas, and through various meetings with Waters Edge, a concept plan has been created showing features the committee feels would fit the needs of the Cheney community. 

Committee Members:

Jeff Albers

Linda Ball

Justin Bearley

Melanie Block

Brad Ewy

Sharla Fouquet

Kyle Grandy

Pat Lynch

Philip Mize

Brent Peintner

Melanie Tolar

Danielle Young

A new swimming pool is a multi-generational investment. In 1957, residents and the Cheney City Council made a decision to improve a city park and construct a swimming pool. Their decision brought decades of memories to children and families in Cheney. Updating and constructing a new aquatic center is a process that must be studied to ensure features will meet the needs of the community for years to come. Without the construction of the new facility and with the deteriorating condition of the existing pool,  the City will either need to invest in updating the 60+ year old pool to keep it open or close the pool, leaving our growing community without a public pool. 

The goal of the study is to create an aquatic center that meets the current and future needs of the community. Public input will drive the development of the new aquatic center.

The current Swimming Pool sits at the corner of 5th and Adams, directly west of Cheney Elementary School. The existing facility is located in an area that is easily accessible by all modes of transportation (vehicle, bicycle, walking). A decision was made to build the proposed aquatic facility in the grassy area west of the existing pool, so the existing park shelter and bathhouse could be renovated and reused as part of the new construction.  The area where the existing pool is located could then be converted into a parking lot.  

Construction of an aquatic center takes approximately 9 months. The goal of the project is to start construction in August 2022 for an opening date of May 2023. 

The City of Cheney currently has funds set aside in their Capital Improvement fund that can be utilized towards the construction of the new aquatic facility. In addition, bond financing by the City's Public Building Commission that was used for the construction of Cherry Oaks Golf Course, will expire in 2024. The golf course's existing budgeted bond payment will end and a newly issued bond payment for the construction of the pool could begin. Funds from recycling aluminum cans and additional fundraising events will also be utilized. Through these various funding mechanisms and dependent upon construction bids, staff is hopeful that the City's overall mill levy will have a minimal impact to fund the construction of the aquatic center.